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入邊可以做到大約5塊左右㗎✨ / 材料包


1.約400g 超白擴香石專用石膏粉

2.六角形模具 3個

3.英文字母模具 3個

4.鉗 1個

5.量勺 1個

6. 乾花 適量 (可以選擇色系 或者 選擇colourful)


8.濃縮擴香水 10ml (藍風鈴/ 海洋/ 普通花香味)

DIY package- Aroma stone

  •  Place the product on the accompanying dedicated plate and directly drop 5-10 drops of essential oil on the dented part. 

    The essential oil will gradually volatilise, allowing the aroma to diffuse slowly. 

    When you notice the aroma fading, add the essential oil of your choice accordingly.

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